Keith Steele

Keith Steele

Chicago, IL

Keith currently flies the 757/767 fleet for a legacy airline. He began his professional career at a regional airline where he flew the EMB-120 and CRJ series aircraft. Keith held the position of Captain on the CRJ for several years before moving on to his legacy airline. Through the course of his professional career, he has worked with various employees whose backgrounds range from flight instructing, corporate/fractional aviation, cargo, regional, major and military flying.

Keith’s knowledge with resume building and pilot application formats have helped clients in perfecting their paperwork for interview invites. He handles the majority of Centerline’s application reviews. Keith has spent time throughout his career being a member of pilot interview and hiring selection teams, along with attending recruiting events. He has been the designated public speaker at various organizational events and is an industry leader in helping clients “achieve their voice” on interview day. When asked what two strengths a pilot can have going into an interview, Keith reiterates “confidence and passion” as the determining factor. 

Keith was an Instructor Check Airman at Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree. He also completed an internship at SkyWest Airlines in Salt Lake City, UT. During that time he worked directly under the Chief Pilot’s office and Managers of Crew Resources and Pilot Selection. Successfully helping fellow pilots reach their aviation goals throughout the country is something Keith takes pride in. Keith, Chad and Camielle have strong relationships with collegiate flight programs streamlining flight students into higher positions. Outside of flying, you can find him traveling, fishing, boating, playing drums and golfing.

Keith resides in Chicago, IL.