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Highly recommend!!! Keith and the team were phenomenal. I took a long break from applying, but Keith was there when I returned and provided exceptional support.
Camielle Ence was great!!. The efficiency and the speed of the services were outstanding!!!!
Keith has been incredibly helpful with my applications and resume. He has always responded quickly and answered any questions I’ve had. Additionally, as advertised, this service does not have a limit on the applications and he continues to help amend my applications and resume. I will be using centerline for future services!
Was recommended to centerline by a friend. Worth every penny, Keith knows what the airlines want to see and the attention to detail is impeccable.
Keith has been an awesome resource as I’ve prepared applications for several companies. I found Centerline after researching several other consulting agencies and finding poor reviews. After working with Centerline, I have nothing but good things to say. My applications and resume are much more professional, and that confidence is worth way more than the price of his services! DON’T try to do this alone. Get help from Keith!
Before you submit your Resume or Application talk to Keith! Keith did a fantastic job with my resume and application! I had been out of the aviation world for several years and I was not getting any traction until Keith helped me get everything organized and on the right track. Once I resubmitted to the Airlines I immediately got calls for interviews. I am 3 for 3 and excited about being back professionally flying again! Thank You Keith!
Keith from Centerline did an amazing job. He was always quick to respond with new drafts or changes if necessary. The overall process was quick and very painless. I would highly recommend centerline to others in need of help with their resume.
Keith from centerline has made me feel so much better about the daunting application process. He has great advice and tons of expertise. He and his team are consistent with their recommendations and timely with their responses. Cannot recommend enough.
Keith from Centerline did an amazing job. Was quick with edits and very helpful with all the work he did on both my resume and airline apps review. I was recommended to Keith by a DAL FO who used him and I think it was a great decision. Would absolutely recommend Centerline to anyone looking for app review and resume building.
So glad I had the help of Keith from Centerline to comb through my app with me. He helped me beef up several sections that needed more content, and found numerous flaws that I had no idea needed help. Despite the Holiday season, he was quick to send back edits within a day or two of me sending each app update to him.
Kieth did a great job on my application and resume. I couldn’t have even come close to the job they did at centerline.
Centerline’s interview prep service exceeded my expectations! Comprehensive insights, tailored guidance, and invaluable tips helped me ace my interview. I could not have been/felt more prepared. A definite 5-star experience for anyone aspiring to soar in the aviation industry!
I am extremely satisfied with Centerline's service. I worked with Keith on the application -- his attention to detail and quick responses were an immense help. He also completely reconstructed my resume making it so much cleaner and with a way better format. For my Interview Consulting, I worked with Camielle and she was instrumental in receiving my CJO. Her prep sessions were super helpful in making me feel completely confident going into the interview. She gave immediate feedback and suggestions that helped me moving forward and was very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Centerline to anyone applying to their dream airline!
Great service. Used Keith for application review and interview prep. Application service was great and professional with a structured review of the application. When the time came for the interview Keith was awesome in answering any questions I had and putting me at ease for the interview. I would 100% recommend the service as Keith did great too not giving me canned answers to what you think interviewers want to hear.
Keith and his team are incredibly skilled and professional. They have consistently made timely corrections to the application and resume. I strongly recommend them to anyone in need of an app review.
If you're browsing and comparing on who should help you with your applications and resume.. Just stop because you've found it. Keith and his team are the ones that are going to give you what you are looking for.Their application service is far beyond what you could expect. He took my application and made it into a masterpiece. Making changes and formatting that I could have never of guessed or created on my own. The same was experienced for their resume services.Thank you to the Centerline team for making a great representation of who I am and putting it on paper.. Literally.
Keith’s attention to detail and timely edits were not only impressive but also professional. He brought up areas and changes that I would’ve absolutely overlooked. I am overly impressed with his services and will continue to recommend Centerline to my colleagues.
I had Centerline Interview Consulting review my application. Keith was on it in a very timely matter and with all the edits I could have never made it look better myself. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for app review.
I Highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting! Keith's edits to my applications were timely and precise, and my resume looks better than I ever thought it could. The interview prep was incredibly helpful, and allowed me to walk in feeling confident. Centerline took a lot of the stress out of the entire process and helped lead to a CJO from two major/legacy airlines. Keith provides a quality product, and if I had to do it all again, I wouldn't hesitate to go with Centerline!
I am enthusiastically writing this review to highly recommend Keith Steele and his team at Centerline Interview Consulting for preparing for the major and legacy airline hiring process. Keith and his team helped me get together a high quality resume and application that resulted in hearing back from Delta Air Lines within days for an invite to take their pilot assessment. After successful completion of the assessment, Keith personally helped me prepare for the interview from start to finish. Keith’s understanding of the HR interview process and the break down of the real questions they are asking in the interview was critical to my future success and I felt extremely well prepared after our preparation sessions. The interview went well thankfully and was successful, resulting in a CJO with Delta Air Lines! Without Keith and the Centerline team’s help this would not have been possible! I highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting!
Keith did an awesome job with my application reviews! I would 100% recommend for anyone looking for an application review service to consider Centerline.
Keith was fantastic to work with. Knowledgeable and always a quick response whenever I had any questions. Highly recommend the application review service.
I would highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting to anyone looking to obtain an airline position. Keith always responded in a timely manner, and his attention to detail was fantastic. Definitely worth every penny, and I would use them again in a heartbeat.
The Centerline team is incredible. Keith was a huge help getting my resume put together. I didn't know a resume could look so organized until he worked on it. Since the first time he fixed my resume, I upgraded to captain, and he helped organize my resume to include my new position at no extra charge. I am very thankful for Centerline, and I will always highly recommend others choose Centerline like I did!
I had my applications professionally reviewed by Keith pre-pandemic. The service and guidance through that process was outstanding. You could tell he had a lot of experience with the airlines and particularly the various hiring processes. Once I received an invite to interview with Delta Air Lines, I began the interview prep sessions. I have a weird background, which could be summarized as mainly military. I had zero airline experience and knew zero about what to expect at the interview. Keith put me at ease on our first session and assured me that I would be well prepared going into the interview. He was right. After my third session, not only was I prepared, but I felt very confident that I would get the job offer. The day of the interview went pretty much as expected and I received the CJO! I cannot speak highly enough of the service. I would highly recommend Centerline for all your airline preparation needs.
Keith was a huge help with my applications. He got back to me right away with initial edits and was super easy to work with. I would recommend him to everyone. Money well spent.
Keith and the team at Centerline were amazing. The service provided with application review, resume tune up and one-on-one counseling provided all the tools necessary for success in preparing for the application process and the different stages of the interview. Don’t hesitate to use Centerline to help you on your path to success.
Centerline provides 5 star service for all of your career needs. Keith was extremely helpful in organizing my applications and résumés for a multitude of airlines. His attention to detail is unmatched. After having other companies review my airline applications Keith still identified issues. His services in organizing and building your résumé were excellent, he took my applications and previous résumés and built a masterpiece.I recommend Centerline for all of your needs in building a professional portfolio to get you to the legacy carrier of your dreams.
I highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting to help anyone in getting their dream airline job. I had Camielle help me and she did a splendid job in helping me out with everything - from revamping my resume to the practice interviews, she helped boost my confidence and gave me the honest critique and encouragement that I needed. Thumbs up! God bless Centerline!
I would recommend Centerline to anyone, the services provided are outstanding. Keith was very responsive and always got back to me right away. Information provided was very helpful. Well worth it!
Very thorough service that was delivered in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend to anyone applying to the airlines.
Within 24 hours of my purchase of Centerline's Full Suite I was assured that I had made the right choice in them. Keith at Centerline sent me information right away asking for my resume and my app printouts. Once he had them he informed me that he would be working on them, and in the meantime to peruse over some interview gouges from several airlines. Each one of these gouges was very extensive and that wealth of information showed me what sort of caliber Centerline is. My applications for several airlines was reviewed and sent back to me quickly with many edits to make. I made those edits and they reviewed them yet again for accuracy, not missing the slightest of details. After planning to attend a career fair/expo Keith scheduled a phone call with me and spoke with me for about 20-30 minutes about what to expect, what to do, and to answer all of my questions. He was an absolute pleasure to speak to and was full of information. Hopefully soon I will be contacted for an interview and at that time I will again turn to Keith and the folks at Centerline to help with interview prep. Great people there at Centerline and they are very knowledgeable about what needs to be done to max your chances of interviewing with many airlines. Money well spent, as I have seen what other pilots have in their arsenal of resumes and applications. My information looks 10 times better than before I had it reviewed by Centerline. I would buy their services again if I needed to, but I bought the lifetime access full suite of info.UPDATE: I have been working with Keith for a couple years prepping for the big day where I'd get my chance with the Majors. I recently used his interview prep for my Delta interview and it went very well. Not only was I successful in my quest for employment but the experience with Keith was great. He has a laid back attitude when it comes to scheduling for his prep services so it is likely he can fit you in his schedule at some point when you are free. Instead of Zoom or Microsoft Teams video conferencing he just has a conversation with you over the phone. This makes for ease of use and flexibility with your busy life.
Highly recommended
I highly recommend Centerline for any prep work to get ready for an interview. Specifically for Delta. My first session with Keith was extremely helpful and made me feel prepared for the interview. Covered everything from the basics about when to arrive, where to stay and what to wear, to getting into specifics about typical questions and what they are looking for in my answers. My second session was just a follow up to make sure I was feeling prepared and cover any further questions I had. Keith was flexible and was willing to fit sessions in around my reserve schedule. There were remarks about my interview about how well prepared I was and how well I did and I was asked by one of the pilots who I did my prep with. They were very impressed. They said many times how tired they were of hearing canned answers from other prep companies. I am so thankful I went with Centerline!!
This has been a great experience working with Keith. He went through my application with precision and care. I am so impressed at the level of detail and how customized his advice is. This is not a generic application review. Centerline provides an extremely detailed review service customized for you. I highly recommend Centerline!
I purchased the combination Resume and Application Review bundle. I found Centerline to be very prompt with their responses and they turned what I thought to be a solid resume to an exceptional one. I am very pleased with their work and I would absolutely recommend Centerline to any aviation professional looking to sharpen up their resume or application
The Centerline Application & Resume review team did an awesome job. I worked primarily with Keith, but I was beyond happy with what they provided. I now feel confident in my application and my resume. Communication was great and any questions I had were answered in a very timely manner. Highly suggest, and would do it again.
I highly recommend Centerline for application review. I worked with Keith and had a great experience. Centerline was able to review all of my applications in an extremely timely manner, with extreme attention to detail and put recommended corrections in easy to correct format. They worked with me through several revisions to ensure my apps are looking as good as they can! I will be returning to Centerline for Interview prep services when the time comes.
Centerline reviewed my apps and resume and did practice interviews with me. Instead of just teaching you answers or generic feedback for panel questions they help you use your own experiences and truly think about the questions and your answers. Doesn’t matter what kind of questions they ask you can honestly think about what you would do and deliver you answer in a smart reasonable way. Helped me be well prepared and calm the nerves on interview day and land a CJO.
This has been a great company to work with in improving my resume and application for the various airlines I have applied to. I worked Keith specifically in making my application look more consistent throughout each section, gave edits on areas that needed longer descriptions, and overall advice on how to make myself look like a better candidate.
I was so incredibly satisfied with the outcome of the services from Centerline. Keith was so quick to get back to me, and everything was seamless and smooth. I had a lot of work to do on my resume without an idea of to start, and the updated resume Keith sent to me was incredible and much better than I could have done myself! Definitely well worth the money and I will be recommending to others!
The team at Centerline did a fantastic job at helping me give the best interview possible. Coming out of each session you will feel more confident than ever and feel extremely prepared for what you will be presented with in your interview. I can't recommend Centerline enough.
I wish I could give CA Keith Steele and his team 10 stars! Absolutely phenomenal service that awarded me 2 CJO's from Legacy carriers. INVEST IN YOURSELF. Incredible value for 1 on 1 attention from top notch industry professionals that can re-tool the way you approach your HR interview. Highly recommended.
I worked with Keith to polish my resume as well as prep for the HR interview. I was very pleased with the quality of information I received for preparation as well as how I could improve my answers to adequately express my value in an interview. I received a CJO and would absolutely use Centerline again.
Centerline was well worth the money. Buying the application review package, Keith was able to get my app fixed and updated within two days. I was able to publish my app and Delta called me in 30 days. He also wrote me a great resume. After that I used Centerline for my interview prep and Camielle provided me 4 great one on one sessions that allowed me to fully express myself and answer any question Delta threw my way. I felt ready and prepared during my interview, and I would highly recommend Centerline to everyone.
Very professional company to work with. They were able to get my interview prep scheduled quickly and work around my own schedule. They also custom-tailored my interview prep due to having two interviews scheduled at 2 different legacy carriers. I would easily work with Centerline again and highly recommend them. I did received CJOs from both airlines!
My experience with Centerline was A+ ! Everyone involved was extremely helpful and very responsive. I paid for an interview preparation package after securing an interview. During the process I worked with Camielle for all four of my one-on-one, hour long, prep sessions. The materials provided were in depth and the recent ride reports were very accurate and helpful. Camielle was excellent to work with providing great perspective that helped me prepare and enter the interview with my full confidence - the were absolutely no surprises in my interview. After the interview process I can confidently say that Centerline was a huge factor in my preparation and success.
I am so glad I chose to work with Centerline for my application review and interview prep. Keith helped me with my application review and Camielle helped me with the interview prep. They are both rock stars who understand exactly what is required for the application and interview. They are professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I felt like they were truly invested in my outcome. Thank you, Keith and Camielle!!
Centerline is the only place you should be searching for when it comes to HR prep for your dream airline interview. Camielle was amazing. Her approach to preparing you for the interview is very helpful. Each session is a one on one session that will help you put your mind at ease. It is not about memorizing your responses to the question, but more on how to actually listen to the interviewer and respond in the moment. If you are interviewing at any airline that has an HR panel, please don't hesitate to use Centerline and Camielle. I owe my job at my dream airline to her.
Absolutely the best money spent. You may think you don't need help in prepping for an interview. You will realize how much better prepared you can be when you speak to Camielle. She is awesome. She will help you shape those aviation stories into clear and concise answers for your interview. You will go into your interview as confident and prepared as you ever have been. I can't say enough good things about Camielle and the Centerline process!!
What sets Centerline apart is the one-on-one attention you get. Cameille was EXCELLENT, very personable and professional and really helped me articulate myself and get me in the right mindset for the interview. I would say I rocked the interview thanks to her. I felt confident and prepared and most importantly, Cameille masterfully helped me recognize that I’m completely qualified as the pilot I am. She helped me present my best self and gave me the confidence that it was more than enough.Keith did an excellent job at reviewing my application and making needed suggestions and corrections and the résumé he created was super sharp!Excellent value, excellent service, excellent results. How do I spell satisfied?D. E. L. T. A. 😁
I worked with Camielle for my interview prep. She is very professional and did a great job making me feel at ease and ensured I was prepared. Camielle was accommodating and worked with my schedule. She gave great advice and had accurate information. I didn’t just get canned answers to memorize, but she helped me refine stories and experiences I had. Working with Camielle was a great confidence booster and helped make the interview a breeze. Great experience and I highly recommend.
I utilized Centerline for an application review as well as interview preparation. My emails were always quickly responded to by Keith Steele. The whole process was very professional and conducted in a manner to achieve success for any potential candidate. The interview preparation was structured to allow a candidate to have honest responses instead of “canned” answers. A great investment to ensure the desired results. I was given a job offer from my number one choice airline.
I highly recommend this company for interview, resume, application prep. They are very thorough and catch the smallest of things. I passed my interview thanks to them! Thank you so much!!
I highly recommend Centerline to anyone looking for an airline job. I have used almost every service they offer (App Review, Resume, Job Fair Prep, and Interview Prep). I believe they made all the difference in my efforts to move from the Regionals to a Major. Camielle was very responsive, offered great insights, and boosted my confidence before the big day. The materials they provide during interview prep are fantastic as well. As for the results, I got an interview invite to my dream airline within a week of attending a job fair after their prep, and got the job on my first interview. I couldn't thank Camielle and Centerline enough for their service, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again if I had to do it over again.
Highly recommend: Keith was immediately attentive, diligent, and thorough with all the application reviews I requested. Additionally, he is quite patient and willing to explain the rationale behind his recommendations & edits. He had me up and running quickly with a high quality product that landed me interviews with my target companies!
Keith is the best! I worked with him on my application, resume and interview prep. He was very thorough, responsive, and took the time to make sure that I was submitting a high-quality application and resume He was very knowledgable, professional and a fantastic person to having coaching me through the interview prep. I highly recommend Centerline!
Keith is amazing. He helped me with my resume, listened to my concerns about past mistakes and addressed them with his vast experience, understanding and encouragement. In the end Keith equipped me with the necessary skills for my successful airline interview!
I would highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting to everyone. I had the pleasure of working with Keith and was pleasurable and fantastic experience. Keith helped with my Application and Resume process with a fine tooth and comb. After finding errors and recommending key words and phrases to bring my Application and Resume to an A+ standard. Centerline is very responsive and is also available to you after the fact if you have any questions or looking for additional advise. I am very happy with the service and definitely recommend their services to all my colleagues looking to shine with their application, resume or interview. It’s just a matter or time till I land my dream job. Keith personally thank you for your professionalism, advises and services. I look forward to working with you further with the interview process as well. It’s a team like yours that contributes to the aviation society and helping us get to where we want to be. Keep up the great work, service and dedication.
I have nothing but the best words to say about the work Centerline did to prepare my applications and resume. The service was quick, efficient, thorough, and straight forward. Keith and his team really help you present yourself in the best way possible. I would recommend anyone to use Centerline for their services.
Keith was a pleasure to work with and is a huge reason why I landed my dream job. He reviewed my application and helped me to fix any errors as well as fill in gaps on things that I was missing. He also helped with my interview prep and I can say that because of the time that I spent with him I was prepared and completely comfortable the day of the interview.
Keith is fantastic! He was able to go through my application and resume and cleaned them up in a very timely manner.
Keith and his team did an amazing job helping me prepare my application and resume. I eventually earned an interview for my dream job and Centerline again helped me prepare. They are patient and responsive. I finally earned my dream job and owe many thanks to Keith and the Centerline team!
Keith does an amazing job! I purchased the Resume and Application Review. He rewrote my resume and went through my apps with a fine tooth comb and knit picked every detail. The end product is an application that is dialed in and error free. I am extremely pleased with the end product!
Centerline was extremely helpful for me in landing a job. I used the valet package. Keith's application and resume review was excellent and his HR prep on point. I was able to get fast responses whenever I had questions for him as well.
Keith is awesome! A friend of mine was recently hired at FedEx and recommended Centerline, it was the best decision I could've made. Keith is extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.
I purchased the Application review with the Resume bundle and I am very happy with my finished product. Keith was able to send out updates daily as we worked together for a week to get my application from a bare bones level to a fully ready to submit application. While we worked on the application he was able to take my non-flying resume and build it into a product that I am proud to take into any interview or job fair in the future. I was recommended Centerline by a fellow pilot and I am very pleased with the quality of service. I will defiantly recommend them in the future and use them when I get to an interview stage.
Keith is great to go over your apps and resume. Great value
I was really happy with the service from Centerline. I had the application review service and the communication was quick and responsive. They picked apart my application like I thought they would and now I feel confident going forward. After paying for the service, they sent me a receipt with instructions at the bottom of how to send them my application and get the ball rolling. Make sure that doesn't go to your Spam folder (it did for me).
The team at Centerline is extremely responsive and thorough. I used the valet service and definitely found it to be a good value. I highly recommend Centerline.
Thank you Keith and Centerline team. Outstanding services provided! Your insights and feedback on completing my application are so valuable. Your organization of my resume was top notch, and I was very impressed by the final product. I know I can rely on your team with any future questions I have, or help I need. I will eagerly recommend Centerline to others!
Keith did a great job with my app and resume review. He was fast to respond to my initial inquiry and quickly returned my profile edits and resume draft. It was done by email but a phone call was offered. I was impressed with how many things he found in my applications that needed work. My new resume is a definite improvement on my previous one. Thanks Centerline.
Fast, friendly service. I had the application review done by Keith. It was primarily done by email (although a phone call was offered if I felt it was necessary). I'd submit a version of my app to Keith via email and he'd get back to me within a business day with edits until he said it was ready to go.
Centerline Interview Consulting helped me with my resume. Previously, I had no idea what a major airline resume was supposed to look like. Immediately Keith completely revamped my resume adding personal touches and brought it up to a professional standard that airlines expect. I was very pleased with how quick and responsive he was with any changes or questions that I had. I will definitely recommend to friends and be back when it's application and interview time. Thank you Keith and Centerline!
I highly recommend Centerline. I used them for their app review service and was very impressed. They had very quick turn around time and some solid feedback on my applications.
I highly recommend Centerline and would like to thank Camielle for all the assistance she provided. I used the Valet service to prepare multiple apps and resumes, and ultimately secured a CJO at my first pick! Thanks a million!
Keith has helped me get my applications in order and up to speed. I was shocked at how much small things I had missing and needed correcting. He has helped me with my edits all the way to 100%. The resume he built for me was too notch and amazing. I am sure I will be getting a phone call any day now. Thanks for your help.
I want to thank Keith and the rest of the Centerline team for the great work. They were quick to help me with the application review and I can tell they were very patient with me while making the corrections. They made great suggestions and I can tell they know what to do to make the application stand out. We went through several reviews and what ever questions I had, Keith was able to answer them promptly. They cleaned up my resume beyond my expectation and am proud of my new resume. I know I can rely on them for any future questions that I have with trying to get my dream job. Thank you so much!
I would highly recommend this application and resume service. He was able to take what I thought was a good application to a whole other level. I was very impressed with his speed and attention to detail. Do not hesitate! This is the confidence you need when in this competitive environment.
Keith did an excellent job of setting the table and preparing me for my interview. He didn't tell me what to say, he just coached me through some of the answers that I already had prepared. He was very professional, organized, and had very good feedback after our mock interview. Did a great job explaining the purpose of certain questions and how to approach the "negative" questions.
I highly recommend Centerline to anyone who is in the process of applying to airlines. Keith responded to my emails in fastly matter and got the job done within a couple days of ordering the product. No regrets, I will be recommending Centerline to future pilots.
I spent a long time debating C&S vs Centerline for my app review, and ended up choosing Keith and Centerline. No regrets! The first review was complete 2 days after purchase, and he quickly answered several follow up questions. Best part: they're standing by once I complete my next app!Only recommendation: have a buddy who's gone thru app review proof read your app for common mistakes, otherwise Keith might run out of room for all the red ink!
Had application and resume review service done. Centerline was quick, professional, and very thorough on the work. Keith had lots of tips and advice on how to properly format your app. Highly recommended!
Always quick responses to my application questions and edits and don't have to wait weeks/months for a review. Thank you for the help
Centerline Interview Consulting was the second company I have used to review my applications. I wish I would have started here. The application review was much more thorough than the previous one I had received. Keith was very quick to get back to me and answer all the questions I had. I am much happier with where my app is at this point and will likely use Centerline again in the future if I do get an interview.
Very wonderful experience, thanks to Keith and his utmost professionalism! I had my Airline Application and Resume reviewed and it was worth every penny. Feedback was constructive and helpful. Best of all, all corrections and correspondence were extremely timely.
I highly recommend Centerline to anyone who is in the process of applying to airline that uses Airline Apps. My application now shows a complete picture of who I am professionally and personally. Keith was extremly quick to answer questions that I had and returning edits. I look forward to using them for interview prep down the road.
Keith was quick to ask what I needed and come up with a resume and cover letter that is sure to land me my dream job. Time will tell but I can surely interview with confidence knowing my documents look professional and clean.
Keith did an excellent job prepping me for my interviews. He was really good at helping me to develop my stories and make sure that I talked through all of the scenarios fully. The tips he gave me on my application were truly a life saver also. I ended up having zero corrections to make during the panel interview. Keith was also very responsive to my emails and texts and he was able to schedule several sessions to help me prepare. He did a great job helping me feel comfortable and putting me at ease during one of the most stressful times of my life. Keith truly provided an excellent service and was a huge part of my success.
I was very grateful for the quick turnaround time on my resume. I received a very professional product and highly recommend Centerline for anyone aspiring to make a great first impression. Thanks, Keith!
Kieth with Centerline is an expert in the field. The application and review service helped me get an interview, then prepare well for the big day.
I am very thankful for all the help Keith has offered me while reviewing my apps. He has been reliable and always available. I highly recommend him.
Keith has been very able to reach and his application reviews/resume production for me have been extremely thorough. It's great that for one price, you can get ALL applications that you have reviewed as opposed to paying for one application at a time as with many other companies. Very happy overall with the services provided for the price.
Keith was extremely helpful and thorough. I highly recommend Centerline to anyone wanting their applications to look perfect. Keith was able to answer all of my questions, draft a much more professional resume for myself, and have my applications looking perfect.
Centerline interview was essential in preparing me for my interview. I used the valet service for my resume, applications, and interview prep and needed their expertise in each of those areas. They were instrumental in helping me land my dream career job. I highly recommend their services.
This is an outstanding service. Keith and the team are an integral part of your prep. Well worth it for the job of your dreams!
I started working with Keith about 4 years ago and for a single price I have talked, emailed, or texted him with countless questions over that period. When interview time came, we were face timing doing mock interviews. I even made practice videos answering questions and emailed those to him. In all circumstances, he was quick, thoughtful, and thorough in the prep he gave me. He did everything, application review, resume review, and interview prep! Loved all the services. I don't hesitate for one second to recommend Keith and his team. I'm glad to report he helped me get my dream job!
I used Centerline to polish up my resume and am thrilled with the finished product. Keith and his employees did a great job.
Loved working with Keith. Quick responses and lots of great feedback. He built me a fantastic resume based on the credentials I provided. This is a no brainer for anyone working on getting hired at the airlines.
Worked with Keith on reviewing apps for 2 different major airlines, he was able to find things that I never would have thought about. his responses to all my questions were very prompt, the entire process only took a couple days including completely revamping my application and resume. I feel very confident about my Application and that it positively and correctly represents who i am. would recommend centerline 110%
This company has got to be one of the best out there. My experience with them has been phenomenal and the effort they put forth to help make my applications and resume as professional as possible is next to none.
Keith provides an excellent service. If you are serious about putting your best foot forward for your airline interview, make the investment in yourself and sign up with Centerline. It was worth every penny!
Publishing an airline application can be very stressful, so I elected to use a review service to give me peace of mind. After doing research, I came across Centerline Interview Consulting. I was skeptical at first because the price for unlimited application and resume reviews seemed too good to be true; bottom line, well worth the money. I worked with Mr. Keith Steele. He was very prompt with his responses and he re-wrote my resume as well to ensure it reflected my accurately. Overall, I would highly recommend CIC.
In 2016 I purchased what is currently called the Valet Service membership. This is basically a full service review and prep for anything you would need. It included a resume revamp and application review that I used immediately. I was able to get some great info about attending job fairs and how to handle them. When I finally got an interview (almost 3 years later) my membership was still active and was able to then utilize the interview prep portion of the service. The prep was fantastic, Keith really did a great job of getting you prepared for the interview, lining up your stories, and putting yourself in the best light. Some people interview well, I am not one of those people. As long as you're willing to put in the work, Keith will get you straightened out! It was worth every penny.
Extremely happy with Centerline Interview Consulting! I purchased the application review and they were VERY thorough with all three applications I have on file with major airlines. Their replies were always fast and professional, and they even made sure my edits to the application were done properly. I was so satisfied with the application review that I wished I had added the resume review at the same time. Thanks Centerline!
I purchased Centerline's application review service and was very happy. They provided great feedback and were quick to respond with edits. It was a good experience that I feel was well worth the price.Update: A year after I initially had my applications reviewed, I emailed Keith with some questions I had and received a quick response. I am very happy with Centerline’s continuing application support.
Incredible customer service! Excruciatingly detailed in application review. Well worth the money and the time.
Keith was great! Very helpful with the LOI and even gave me some extra help. Above and beyond! Very much appreciated! Got the CJO so money well spent to go into that interview with extra confidence and education.
Keith was a tremendous help! He helped me landed the airline job of my dreams. I recommend his services 100%
Keith at Centerline is everything you can look for when preparing for your interview. He never puts words in your mouth or tells you what story to recall, but he helps you find your own experiences and steers you how to present them. Communication was great and I highly recommend CL to anyone preparing for an interview at any airline.
I went to Centerline after doing an application review with a different company last year. The very next morning Keith had reviewed all of my applications and picked up on various errors that previously went unnoticed. He's always responsive to emails and seems genuinely interested in your success. Well worth the investment
Today I received a phone call and job offer from United Airlines.I could not have done this without Centerline Interview Consulting and your personal instruction.Camielle was fantastic & due to her teaching, I was ready for every question I was asked.Your written and verbal insights had me ready for every aspect of the Technical Skills Assessment as well.I went in to the interview with confidence and wasn’t surprised by anything.I cannot thank you both enough for successfully getting me through this process.
To all aviators aspiring towards employment as a pilot with a major airline carrier, I am pleased to provide the strongest possible recommendation for the professionalism, support, and relevance of the interview preparation services I received from Camielle Ence. I make this endorsement based strong recommendations from trusted friends who were highly successful in addition to the 3 x CJO’s I personally received from Legacy carriers following her mentorship. As you know, an interview opportunity can pop up unexpectedly and in certain instances with a short timeframe. Camielle made incredible efforts to support me in such instances. Moreover, she comes from a position of authority based on her previous HR interviewing knowledge coupled with her relentless pursuit of the most recent interview experiences of other candidates. Camielle is a tremendous resource and your time / money is absolutely well spent with her. Although Camielle’s specialty is the HR / interview portion, she and the other professionals with Centerline offer many other services including Resume or Application review. I encourage you to take a look at their website. There are countless companies and people who offer HR / interview preparation services. I tried several other sources and found myself dissatisfied due to scheduling challenges, rushed support, and lack of candor or relevant experience when it came to critiquing my mock interview performance. If you want a truly relevant experience that is also personal, enjoyable, and confidence building, then do whatever it takes to get interview preparation support from Camielle Ence.
Centerline did a great job in helping me secure an interview. This was my second attempt with this company and I also used Centerline to prepare for the interview. I didn’t prepare any harder the second time around. Keith, from Centerline, simply points you in a direction to prepare smarter. The FaceTime sessions were invaluable in pointing out weak areas that I needed to apply more time to. I went to the interview confident that I was fully prepared and this time around I was successful. Thank you Keith!
The Centerline team did an excellent job preparing me for my interview. The application review and suggestions were INVALUABLE. I prefer one on one prep sessions, so Centerline appealed to me. They were able to help organize what I wanted to say. These prep session gave me a lot of confidence going into the interview. The team was very easy to work with and accommodating.
First interaction was over the phone. Keith took the time to answer all my questions in detail even though I haven’t paid for the service yet! Their whole team is very customer oriented and driven to help you accomplish your goals. Not even taking into account their competitive prices, the service is seems endless and quick! Reasonable prices. Excellent service. Quick response times. Meticulous detail. Overall highly recommended. Keep up the great work Centerline!
Keith and the folks at Centerline are EXCELLENT!Keith has been reviewing my application for a few years as changes and career progression was made. He has an eye for detail and encourages you to be as detailed as possible in each section. I received an interview invite with the airline of my dreams and made a call to Keith ASAP. The Centerline Interview Prep is worth every cent. Keith helps you focus throughout the process and helps you polish your stories. He'll help you dig up your own old stories/experiences. He gives honest feedback and advice to boost your confidence. I highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting. Spend the money, and get the career you dreamed of. The longer you wait, the less time you'll have at the top of the respective pay scale.
I found out about Centerline after I met Keith on a jumpseat. A few weeks later I signed up for their application review and interview prep services and received two major interviews shortly thereafter. Keith and his team were extremely knowledgeable and helpful during the entire process. Their guidance makes you feel as confident as possible going into the interviews and they ensure you have all the tools needed. I was successful with both major interviews and have no doubt Keith and his team had a huge part in it. Highly recommend the Centerline team!
Very friendly, professional service with quick follow ups and a lot of knowledge on the application process.
Great resume and app service! Highly recommend.
Keith and his team at Centerline Interview Consulting did a fantastic job in preparing me for my interview. They worked with me to identify areas in which I could improve as well as identifying strengths. They were very accommodating in my schedule constraints and were willing to work with me as long as it took to be comfortable. If the measure of success is getting the job, then success occurred for me on my first interview.
Centerline did an excellent job getting myself prepared for my interview. They always had constructive critiques and motivated me to put my best foot forward.
Centerline is the right choice for interview consulting! Don’t go with the massive companies who put you in a large group setting to spend valuable time watching videos and listening to others. Centerline will focus on YOU and your specific needs! One-on-one consultation, proven experience and thoughtful follow-up are the keys to a successful interview and opportunity of a lifetime with the employer of your choice.Even when you are confident with your interview skills, having Centerline provide candid feedback will ensure you don’t miss anything!
Keith did a fantastic job getting me ready for my interview. He knew what questions they would ask and gave me a list to formulate my answers for. He didn’t try to give you answers. He wanted me to come up with my own personal stories to tell. I got my airline job thanks to Keith. I highly recommend Centerline to anyone.
I worked directly with Keith Steele at Centerline in Chicago while preparing for my interview with Alaska Airlines. What impressed me the most was follow through of ensuring I was comfortable and confident going into a potentially nerve wracking process. The amount of custom tailored information Centerline has gathered for each airline is impressive. I would have regretted not working with them prior to my interview; Which allowed me to secure my dream job on the first attempt!
Choosing Centerline Interview Consulting was the single best choice I made prior to my interview. They prepared me top to bottom. Whether it was going over my resume to plug any holes or to uncover any pitfalls, to the interview and LOI prep, Centerline had every possible angle covered. I really appreciated the attention to detail and custom prep plan for my busy schedule. I especially appreciated how they showed me "how" to say it.....not "what" to say. I highly recommend Centerline Interview Consultanting for your dream job interview prep.
I recently complete a Application and Resume review. The experience was great with Centerline Interview Consulting. I worked with Keith directly, he did a wonderful job and responded to any questions I had very quickly. We were able to fix a bunch of potential problems that could have resulted in a “fix it” email. I have continuesly heard great thing about Centerline and I’m glad I used them.
I had a great experience with Centerline Interview Consulting. I worked with Keith and he was very helpful and great to work with. He was readily available, and adapted to my non-standard schedule. Between phone calls, FaceTime, emails, and texts, I felt really prepared for my interview. Keith answered all my questions and helped me articulate my stories/answers. I highly recommend Centerline and am very glad I used them for my interview.
Keith was great. We did several FaceTime sessions and he sent lots of helpful information to me. I was relaxed and confident in my interview and I got the job.
I worked with Keith on both my application and my resume. Hands down a solid experience! I had several questions throughout the process and Keith did an outstanding job of getting all of my questions answered. My application review was worth every penny! Getting my application back, I found a lot of silly errors that would have been embarrassing to explain during an interview, to say the least. With the review completed and the application submitted, I am confident that I will have an opportunity to interview in the future! Thanks to Keith and all of the Centerline team for all of the help!!
Purchased the app and resume service. After sending in my documents, Keith promptly responded with valuable edits and advice on how to make my app more competitive. After I made the recommended corrections, he looked it over again and answered any questions I had. He then completely reformatted and edited my resume to make it much more professional. Keith was both professional and timely. I was very happy with the service and would recommend Centerline to anyone trying to make their application and resume more competitive.
Using Centerline was a great decision, especially since it had been over 15 years since my last interview.The application review was very helpful as there were a couple of items that I could improve on. After fixing those issues, I had an interview offer in a couple of weeks.While preparing for the interview, they did a great job explaining how my experiences could help show who I am as a pilot and a person. The practice sessions weren’t memorizing canned answers, but remembering situations that demonstrated my abilities and thinking. During the interview it was easy to “be myself”, because I had confidence from my practice sessions.I would highly recommend using Centerline.
Keith and his team really took the time to make sure that I had the best chance at landing the job. From the resume overhaul, to application review, to the interview prep, they definitely went above and beyond what I expected. I couldn't have done it without Centerline. Thanks guys!
After not having interviewed in well over a decade, Keith and Centerline were recommended to me. Keith and the team were outstanding, from initial preparation to final product, resources and material, and overall incredible knowledge of the whole process. This consulting company is well worth the money spent!
Keith does a great job in a myriad of areas in interview preparation. Among the most important in my opinion are: instilling confidence in the interviewee, helping you conceptualize the questions that are being asked...understanding WHY the panel is asking what they're asking, and that if it's worded in a slightly different manner, there's still a central issue that they're trying to address, offering different tips to help you jog your memory in order to articulate events that have happened in your career that you can use to portray lessons you've learned, and formulating a coherent thought process in answering the hypothetical/situational questions you'll be presented in your interview.I would highly recommend Centerline Consulting for interview prep, your career is worth the investment.
Great experience from start to finish. From resume review to one on one consultation for my final interview. Highly recommended to succeed in the interview at your airline of choice.
I came from the regionals with 20 plus years experience. My concern with the majors was being unhireable because of having too much flight time. I think one of the things that separates Centerline from other airline preps is that they work on how to answer questions without having "canned answers". Keith did a great job of working with my personality and experience to give me the confidence and insight of what the interview prep team was looking for. If you know what to expect, it makes everything so much easier. As I told Keith, after getting the job, it was money well spent. I would give my highest recommendation to the Centerline team. Thanks, Paul S.
It is true! Preparation is 9/10th the law of being successful on interview day, and Keith Steele and his associates at Centerline Interview Consulting are the best in the industry!I received Keith’s name from a good friend who interviewed with and was hired by Delta Air Lines. He attributed his success, in large part, to Keith’s insights, wisdom and guidance. I tried to follow as closely as possible in my friend’s footsteps as I began preparing for my own Delta Air Lines interview. With the interview in the rearview mirror and a job offer in hand, I can echo my friend’s lauding sentiments when it comes to the excellence and quality of interview preparation that Centerline provides.My first contact with Centerline was in the form of a request for an application review. I pride myself in being relatively well spoken and a bit of a grammarian. I was certain that there would be an item or two to correct, but I was floored when I saw the number of needed corrections. My only fat-finger-error was the misspelling of ‘chief’ pilot in one location; however, the other items were oversights and misunderstandings (on my part) of “what” Delta was looking for in specific parts of the application. Keith, as you will learn, is always asking, “what is the airline looking for in this instance?” To my great fortune, and yours, Keith knows the answer! When I submitted my Delta application in October 2017, I was proud of its quality and completeness, and I would not have felt that way without Keith’s guidance.My application was on file with Delta for thirty-nine days prior to receiving my invite to interview. While it is my understanding that “fix it” emails are quite common to receive from Delta, I received none.I cannot overstress the importance of proper interview preparation. The truth is in the numbers, and the numbers consistently indicate that most unsuccessful interview attempts result from a failure during the HR portion of the interview. Like most pilot candidates, I put my focus—initially—into studying for the job knowledge test. The amount of material, the technical nature, and the lack of use in day-to-day flight operations make it daunting. The fear of the job knowledge test is not unwarranted, but it should not take priority over the HR/Pilot Panel Prep. That said, I reached out to Keith almost one month prior to my interview to begin preparing for the HR/Pilot Panel portion.During our prep sessions, Keith always established a relaxed, friendly and helpful environment. He made it clear that the sessions were about my success. Keith has a way of instilling and growing confidence and making the process seem light-hearted and easy. After six hours of cumulative preparation, I felt prepared, confident and ready!As I have rejoined the work force at my current airline, all of my colleagues have been asking me what my key to success was. Without hesitation, I find myself referring each one to Keith Steele and his associates. I have Keith to thank for my success and the next thirty-seven wonderful years I will spend with Delta Air Lines.
Excellent application review and resume building. Offered a timely review and anseean to questions pertaining to their services.
Keith and his team at Centerline did an excellent job at making me feel confident and well prepared for my interview. I also used their application review service and what I thought was a great application ended up needing 6 hours of work. I highly recommend Centerline Interview Consulting and encourage anyone looking to score their dream job to make use of their exceptional services.
Great interview prep from Keith Steele and Centerline. Information packets provided got me started on the right path and a one on one FaceTime interview with Keith put me into the interview environment giving me great techniques to bring out my best self. I also was given contacts of others who were successful with my airline of choice and everyone of them was super helpful. Go with Centerline if you want to avoid canned answers and to just be yourself. I felt comfortable and well prepared when I needed to be. Thanks!
Centerline was with me throughout my entire hiring process. From application and resume review to interview prep. They have all of the tools needed to prepare you to land the job of your dreams.They are always professional and are in constant communication, answering any questions that that come up along the way.I’d recommend Centerine to any Pilot that is serious about landing that next big job.Thanks to the whole centerline team!