• For Pilots Approaching an Interview
  • Skype & FaceTime Sessions
  • In-Person Consultations (If Local)
  • Real Time Mock Interview Session(s)
  • HR Questioning (SAR Formats)
  • TMAAT/WWYD/HYE Questioning 
  • Public Speaking and Personal Confidence
  • Introduction and Closing Statements 
  • Body Language and Mannerisms 
  • Application Overview
  • Resume Review and Critique
  •  LOI/SBI/CRM Scenarios
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Congratulations! You have just received your invitation to interview and now it is time to perform. Our goal is immediate focus on your interview practice and preparation. We will cover all aspects of your specific airline interview from start to finish. After working with our team, you will be confident, comfortable and thoroughly prepared.

By selecting this option, we realize that time is of the essence. The distribution of the proper study material will immediately follow the signup process within a few days and the study material tailored for your specific airline will include:

Specific Airline Gouge Packets – Updated regularly. Invaluable as you will know exactly what to expect during your particular interview. This packet is extremely detailed and you will be glad you have it.

Personality Questionnaire – Allows us to identify who you are as a person before our consultation, so we can identify your strengths, weaknesses and pitfalls. You will return this questionnaire back to us before we move forward, or bring it with you for In-Person preparation sessions.

Centerline’s Secrets – Tips for a successful interview with added insight into SAR panel interviewing, which is widely used by most hiring departments. Also helps answer “Why should we hire you, why XYZ Airlines, and what traits can you bring?” 

Pre-Interview Thoughts and Checklists – Valuable documents our team has written over the years to review before your preparation sessions. Explains the reasoning of why various HR questions are asked during an interview, including leadership, stress, conflict, disagreement, regret and negativity.

Client Worksheet – To be filled out prior to your FaceTime/Skype sessions. Very important in gathering your personal and professional experiences. Used to get your mind thinking about interview day and also helpful for your specific counselor.  

Interview Day Checklist – A general must-have list of everything you will need for your big day, and we mean everything. Starter guide as you begin piecing together your paperwork.

Client Interview Reports – Detailed interview reports from previous Centerline customers who have navigated through their specific process. 

You will receive an automatic email order form after your purchase containing detailed instructions at the bottom. Please check your spam/junk folders as this automatic email can sometimes find its way there. (If you do not receive this email after 2-3 business days, please call or email us) 

Our counselors’ experience with the interview process allows you to feel calm, confident and thoroughly prepared. Our interview preparation is unique, focused, positive and professional. The word “Prep” is often misunderstood. We are NOT here to tell you what to say or put words in your mouth. We are here to make sure you communicate concisely, understand the root of questions being asked, and how to properly navigate through the gauntlet of TMAAT/WWYD/HYE.

During our one on one preparation, we will also break down the interview panel objectives. We will teach you what hiring personnel look for, what boxes they have to check, why they are asking certain questions, and what it takes to get you a Conditional Job Offer. You have worked so hard to get to this point in your career. Now is the chance to get your voice out during our mock interview sessions and discussions.

Upon checkout, please include the date and specific airline you are interviewing with in the “notes” section. 

Please call or email us anytime. We want to hear from you!