“I received the UAL CPP job offer and was waiting for my number to come up, but plans changed. I interviewed with Alaska and got hired! I love not commuting anymore and getting to spend a lot more time with my kids! It was great, I used everything I prepped with Camielle for the Alaska interview. Great work Centerline!” 

“I am writing to say thanks again to Keith and Camielle. Southwest Airlines has been a dream so far.  Many of my friends are continuing to have an opportunity to interview with Southwest and I always make sure to mention what an invaluable resource Centerline Interview Preparation was to me.”

“After receiving recommendations from several friends, I contacted Centerline for my Frontier interview. I immediately realized after a 10 minute conversation that I had made the right choice. The interview was just as planned and I felt very much myself. I did not really know how to sell myself, but Jeff had a way of  bringing everything full circle for me. Also did not hurt that he had once conducted LOI’s at a previous airline as an interview team member. Invaluable knowledge that you get from a former hiring evaluator. Anyways, I just wanted to write and thank you for everything Jeff. I am really enjoying the Airbus.”

“I really enjoyed working with Keith in the interview preparation process. He taught me a lot and I did not understand what to expect at first, but after a few FaceTime sessions all was cleared up. Coming from a corporate background, I could not have done it without him I do not think. I have referred everyone I know that gets an interview to you and will continue to do so. I hope everything is well with the team!”

“Thank you so much for helping me land this job with FDX, I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I’ve been recommending you to my friends looking to make the jump.”

“Writing in to say it’s hard to believe I’ve been here for almost 2 years and already have about 1000 pilots beneath me. The money I spent for your services was the best investment I’ve ever made. Keith and Chad were awesome. I don’t think I would have been successful without you guys help. I recommend anyone asking for advice on Southwest to talk with you guys.” 

“It was a pleasure working with Centerline last year. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate your help with my application and interview with Delta. I’m very grateful to be here and relieved that the training process is now finished. After I was hired at Delta, many friends have reached out for interview advice and I always relay the positive experience I had with Centerline. I hope that you continue to have success with your business as airlines continue to hire. Thanks again for your insight and advice throughout the recruiting process.”

“A note saying so far, so good at SWA.  It’s astonishing the amount of hiring SWA is doing!  47 new hire FO’s were added to the Oakland seniority list for February. I’m liking the company and am excited for the future.  There are lots of things in the works around here.  Thanks so much for all of the help and guidance from the CIC team!”

“After having interviews at both Delta and American, I contacted Centerline. With their assistance, I eventually was hired at both airlines and decided on Delta and have been enjoying every day since. I had great help from Keith, Camielle and Chad and I’ve referred Centerline to a number of folks with great success. Thanks for everything.”

“Good morning. After 19 months in the career pathway program I am finally heading over to United Airlines. My class date is 2/6/18. Yesterday I handed in my resignation with Expressjet Airlines. My last duty day will be 1/30/18. I continue to steer candidates who have an interview set up with United Airlines your team’s way. I mention how satisfied I was with centerline Interview preparation. I have been keeping in contact with Camielle and Chad. They are aware of my class date with United Airlines. Thank you again for all your help over there.”

“A first class operation. After receiving an interview with jetBlue, I did two FaceTime sessions with Keith. I am happy to now be one of the newest members of the jetBlue team. Nerves are a problem for me while trying to public speak, but Keith has such a way of putting things in perspective. I learned how to speak clearly and concisely and attribute much of my success to his helping. Thank you Keith so much!”

“I hope my referrals have helped you guys out that I send your way.  You did a great job and I couldn’t have been happier with the way it all turned out.  I’ll continue to point people in your direction and I am loving being at Delta Air Lines.”

“Just finished first year at United and could not be happier. I love the time off to money ratio and hope all the carriers continue strong performance. I can’t thank you enough for the time Centerline spent with me. I am certain that the work you did secured my position and will lead to $5M over the next 17 years I have left. Such a small investment in the big scheme of things and I can’t believe people don’t do it. I continue to recommend Centerline on line and by word of mouth. Most of my contacts are military guys and I always say that the personalized, 1v1 sessions you did are what helped me.”

“I’ve given out your info to all the young pilots in my squadron, not to mention all those I run into. Thanks to your team for all of the help, and especially to Keith for the FaceTime sessions. I learned a lot”

“A note that things are going great at SWA.  Couldn’t be happier with the company.  Looking back, I’m really glad I chose Centerline and will continue to recommend you guys whenever I can.  Thanks again for a job well done!”

“What sets Centerline apart is the personal interaction you get with the intimate Skype sessions. Two years ago I did a phone interview with another service, but was not impressed. The value of Centerline’s team is the prior interview team experience they have. Understanding the back end of what a hiring panel looks for is really something that is quite unique to learn about. Fed Ex has been a dream come true so far on the MD-11.”

“I’m really happy at swa and wanted to reach out to you and catch up. It’s very obvious to me when looking back on the interview preparation and process that your guidance and motivation played an integral role in my success. THANK YOU. I’m so happy that I got the job and I’m very content with the corporation that I got on with. I’m fitting in very well and excited about my prospects going fwrd. I have told every pilot who’s contacted me regarding swa and other airline interviews about your company and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work guys!”

“I give CIC the highest of recommendations. After many of my squadron buds began working with CIC, I realized the importance of having professional help as many of them started getting interviews and cjo’s. 4 months after signup, I found myself in Atlanta at Delta with a CJO in hand after my interview. All happened so fast and I really enjoyed working with Mrs. Ence for the HR portion. She knows her stuff wow!” 

“Yr 1 down at LUV now and I keep telling friends that for me the value of the interview prep was the face time talks and simulated scenario based questions. I even had a friend that was a Check Airman that didn’t use prep and also didn’t get the job. I will continue to refer people to CIP.”

“Reaching out that I am about half way through OE and am thoroughly enjoying the job and the 767. I will continue to promote centerline to my friends when they are up for a move in their career. I appreciate all the help you gave me and am a very satisfied customer.”

“Most of the guys I’ve been trying to help get a job haven’t heard anything yet, so I recommend them to Centerline. Your name is the first thing I recommended to them for prep. If your company ever needs anything, keep me in mind and I’ll help.”

“Purple is great! Very happy to be here. I’ve had lots of calls about my interview experience and I’ve told them all about your company and how satisfied I was with the experience.”

“I hope to write in with this testimonial about the incredible preparation I had with Centerline. I worked with 3 consulting companies before my United interview, and without reservation your team was the cream of the crop. Keith, thank you so much for putting up with me! I hope to buy you a round someday.”

“SWA is an amazing company and I am so fortunate to have been selected by them. Of course, it wouldn’t have been as easy for them to select me had it not been for your help. I have spread the word of my experience with Centerline and I have given your contact information as well. I hope you generate more business from your continued efforts of helping people achieve successful interviews. The work you do is with purpose.”

“Dropping a line that United has been awesome and has actually exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for all your help with the interview prep. With your guidance I felt confident and totally prepared.  The interview was a breeze. I continue to recommend Centerline to folks that I talk to who are trying to get hired by the airlines. I hope things are going well for Centerline.”

“Thanks for all of your help with my Alaska interview Mrs. Ence. Been online for a month. LAX based, but got awarded SEA effective May. Thanks for all your help in making my dream come true.”

“First year at SWA was really good. Seems like a lot of really good people in the company. Appreciate all the help in the process. I continue to tell squadron members about the prep service. Hope all is well with the Centerline group.”

“My thanks to you. As a Delta new hire, I have to attribute my success here to your teams assistance. I throw your name in the hat whenever someone asks for a recommendation on interview prep. I hope you have continued success.”

“I am ever grateful for your help in my interview prep a year ago. I firmly believe that without your coaching, I would not have gotten the job. That is why when people ask, I always mention your company, with a strong personal endorsement. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Took a job offer at SWA and happy to say I am now 2nd year and Phoenix based. Love the company and the culture.  I have passed my positive experiences with Centerline to all my friends. I believe it was instrumental in my successful interview!  Thanks again for your guidance and I will continue to recommend Centerline.”

“I couldn’t be happier with Centerline’s preparation tactics and things have worked out better than I thought it could. I’ve notice more people from Skywest coming to Southwest and any time I talk to Skywest people I tell about your group. Thanks for all your team did getting me prepared. Especially to Chad and Camielle. They where awesome. Camielle actually hired me at Skywest so she will always be someone who was a big part of my career.”

“Camielle! I have some really great news. We did it! I just got the call from JetBlue saying that I passed the interview, and now I am officially selected to continue to  Phase II (Background test phase). I would not have done it without your help! I am very grateful for both of your sessions. They made me feel confident and well prepared for the interview. Thank you so much for your time and advice. I will never forget you!

“Everyone in my unit was raving about Centerline. When I received an invite at Southwest, I knew just who to contact. After receiving your interview packet, Keith contacted me to set up two preparation sessions over Skype. Dang did I ever get run through the ringer lol! But it was exactly what I needed. Also, understanding the LOI was important for me since I have not had much crew time in the Military. Thank you Keith for your assistance. I am ever grateful to be a part of the Southwest family. I’ll take you up on that smoker ;)”

“I just wanted to let you know that I received a CJO from SWA yesterday. I am thrilled and excited about this opportunity and I am incredibly thankful for your help with the application and interview process. Your insight was spot on and I feel it definitely helped present the best me to the interview panel. I had a feeling I got the job when a few days ago Southwest asked me for W2s and pay stubs for my background check and my references started getting called and then I got a call from the People Department asking me to set up a pre-employment drug screening. The PD even told me that I received the “thumbs up” from the interview panel and therefore they wanted to start the drug testing process while we were still waiting for the chief pilot selection panel. Thank you both again for all your help. I have definitely been praising Centerline with a lot of my colleagues who are interested in making the jump to the airlines in the near future. Take care.”

“Once again Keith thanks for tall the help. I felt very confident going into the HR portion after we had prepared over FaceTimes. Thanks again, I’m sure the interview prep was a pivotal part of why I was successful. Email me or call me if your team ever needs anything”

“Hi Keith. Just wanted to let you know I got the CJO today. HR was a breeze. They even asked me the same engine warm-up question you did and they were putty in my hands thanks to you! LOL. Thanks again Brotha!”

Just got my cjo from UALCouldn’t of asked for a better team. I had issues like my SI medical and loss of JetBlue job and Jeff guided me from where I was to my dream job.
He told me be honest and exactly how to tackle a very complex situation. I was turned down my republic twice and eagle wouldn’t even interview me. And united did!! Your Prep was spot on and outstanding is a understatement.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for all the help and guidance on the Southwest Airlines interview!  The interview went well and I felt prepared by having the bullet points to talk about rather than memorized stories.  I don’t believe there were any questions that caught me off guard, since I think we hit just about every topic.  I received the CJO last Tuesday and I start class this Monday the 31st.  Talk about a whirlwind month.  Thanks again for all the help, and I will continue to recommend Centerline to everyone.”

“Thank you Camielle for helping prepare me for the HR and answering my slew of questions everyday. I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and thanks for putting up with my nervous self. Keith, thank you for helping get my app clean and ready to interview. The packets provided did help give a better picture of what the day would be like. If anyone wants to ask about my experience, I would be more than happy to help. Thank you both again for helping me succeed.”

“Centerline Interview Consulting is a leader in what they do for a reason. PERSONALITY. I did my Delta FaceTime session with a team member for 3 hours, then did a follow up session with another. They were like peas in a pod for knowing how an interview team does business. They shared their knowledge with me in a dumbed-down sort of way so I understood it. They ARE the real deal and the investment you decide to make with them will be pennies on the dollar compared to a 30 year airline career. Thank you!”

“I wanna thank you for the 3 1/2 hour prep to get my head back in the game and thinking the way we do back home.  The prep made me recall stories and events over my career. The biggest help was the introduction, I was on point selling myself and pointing out my accomplishments throughout my career.  I also made it a point telling them about my life outside of work.  Please know I’ll recommend you to my friends that are applying for jobs back home.”

Just wanted to let you know I got a class with Virgin! Thank you for the help and if there is anything you need from me, let me know! I really enjoyed working with you!”

“Good News!  Got a CJO from Hawaiian!  Thank you very much for your help.  I really think it was a big factor in helping everything come together.  Psych test today down in LA and if that goes well I’ll be waiting for a class date.”

“Good morning, I just wanted to pass on that I got the call from United yesterday morning asking if I’d like to get fitted for a First Officer’s uniform! What a great feeling. Ironically the same Captain that I flew my 737 sim with last year was the same guy whom I did my Technical/CRM interview with. The HR portion went well and it was very easy to display passion and excitement in my answers to the TMAAT questions/Why United since I truly wanted to work there. Thank you again for your insight in the exceptional prep sessions as I am quite certain that they made a big difference for me. Have a great day and again I am sincerely appreciative!”