“How did you prepare for this interview”

Pilot A: “Well, I studied a bit online, had some of my co-pilots ask me questions and looked at a few gouges.”

Pilot B: “I’ve been preparing for this day my entire life. I’ve spent weeks, months, years learning about company culture and history. Since I received the interview invite, I’ve contacted friends and picked their brain about everything I could towards that specific company. I’ve sat in front of mirrors, had co-workers ask me questions, my wife videotape me and also dug up anything and everything I could online for research. I also wrote out specific questions I struggled with and made it a point to speak with passion and sincerity in my voice. I also received professional coaching to help get my voice out in a positive light. I’ve been wanting this interview my entire career and I didn’t want to leave any stone unturned or play monday morning Quarterback on the way home. I wanted to leave it all on the table for you today and I’m here to show you that I’m prepared”

YOU want to be Pilot B!

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