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SWA June 2018 Job Fair

For the SWA Expo, pilots were selected to attend the event in three different ways. -Random people pulled from the database -Specific people they wanted to bring in -Those who had been referred by employees

Delta Job Fair

There is still time to get your application reviewed before the Delta job fair on the 21st.

Post NGPA 2017

Please ensure your applications are reviewed and accurate post NGPA.

Current CJO to Class Dates

UAL CJO’s hired now = April class date SWA CJO’s hired now = February class date DL CJO’s hired now = Late Spring class date AA CJO’s hired now = Feb class date

Selecting a service

When selecting an interview preparation service, do yourself a favor and make a phone call first. Tread lightly using a service that does not have counselors with formal interview training and experience sitting on the other side of the table.

Delta Fair

Our schedules remain flexible the next few weeks for pilots attending the Delta job fair in ATL. If you need an application or resume review, contact our team soon!

Delta Fair

More slots opening up for the upcoming Delta fair at the end of October. Check your Facebook Monday afternoon.

SWA Firing Interviews Back Up…

Southwest has fired back up and is calling for interview starting next month! SWA is a big customer base for us and one of our favorite interviews to prepare clients for. Call us today if we can help be a small piece of your SWA success.

Application Reviews for OBAP

We have been adding extra room in our schedules to accommodate application reviews for pilots going to OBAP in a few weeks. Contact our team if you need your applications reviewed before the fair. We have plenty of room to get you into our schedules.