Application Reviews

Many of our clients over the years think they have the perfect app on file. However, we consistently find errors and inaccuracies that hinder their ability score points on the app. We review your applications line by line to make sure it’s perfect. Application reviews are extremely important and you want the highest point total you can get. We have …

Frontier Hiring

Frontier continues their hiring spree. We have everything you’ll ever want to know about the Frontier hiring process. Call us if you need prep.

Interview Gouges

We update all of our interview gouges as soon as we get new information. Many of our gouges are updated weekly…

Southwest Window Update

The Southwest window closes March 23. Interviews will begin in May. Southwest is scheduled to hire over 250 pilots this year. No 737 Type requirement, 2500TT, 1500T, 1000TPIC required. Apply at

jetBlue App Window Open

jetBlue has opened their app window for approximately two weeks.  Filling out applications correctly and accurately is very important. Call us to find out how various application processes are scored.

Body Language

Have you been coughing into your right hand? Are you the loud, cocky guy/gal bragging in the hallway about your flight time to other candidates? Does shaking your hand feel like squeezing a soggy banana? These are just a few of many interview no-no’s!  Not only does Centerline teach proper etiquette and body language, we have hundreds of tips and …

Southwest Requirement Change

Southwest is no longer requiring new hires to have a 737 type rating prior to ground school.  Rumors of 250+ new hires for second half of 2015. Contact us if you need help with your Southwest application when the window opens. 

Delta Hiring News

Delta Air Lines has upped their monthly hiring numbers to 130+. We’ve prepped dozens of clients with Delta interviews to start the year and would love to help you successfully pass your Delta interview. We have new gouges and hiring info as of early this week. Whether you need a face-to-face consultant sit down, phone/skype interviews, or computer testing help, reach out to …