United Hiring

United is planning on hiring another 550 pilots this year and 800 next year. Get your applications looked at keep them up to date. 

LCC Hiring

Most of the LCC’s are actively hiring. Spirit, jetBlue, Frontier and Allegiant to name a few. If you have an upcoming interview, contact our team to see how we may assist you with interview preparation.

UAL 737-300 Sim Prep

Our United 737-300 sim prep in DFW has been a big success and we are receiving very positive feedback from clients. If you have an upcoming United interview, contact our team for sim availability and scheduling. 

New Hires

Congratulations to our new hire pilots at Alaska, Delta, Frontier, jetBlue, Netjets, 2 corporate departments, Republic, SkyWest, Spirit, and United! Great Job!

United Airlines 737-300 Sim Prep

Through our partners in DFW, Centerline is happy to announce a partnership with our affiliates in DFW flying the 737-300 UAL sim profile. Three separate options are available to you including a one or two hour session, along with a one hour debrief.  Hotel recommendations and personal interview prep options are also available to you, if necessary. Contact us for …


Southwest is continuing their interview invite calls this week. We’d love to help you prep for your Southwest interview.

Pilot Reports

We have a bunch of new pilot interview reports from Delta, Alaska, Frontier and Atlas.

Southwest Hiring

Interview calls have been going out for Southwest the past few weeks. Classes to begin mid-summer to early fall. If you have an upcoming interview, let our team help you get prepared.   

Delta hiring

Delta continues to hire 100+ a month and we’ve stayed busy this year prepping Delta candidates. If you have an upcoming Delta interview, contact our team to find out how we can help. We have all the latest gouges on the panel interview, computer testing, shrink visit, etc.

Alaska Candidates

We’ve had almost a dozen successful Alaska candidates this year. We’ve received numerous post interview reports from our successful clients. The gouges we have are current as of last week and full of good information. You’ll be grateful you have your hands on them before your big day. If you have an upcoming Alaska interview, we hope you choose to work …