Hawaiian Interview Invites….

…Are going out! If you have an upcoming Hawaiian interview in mid-April, call the Centerline Team. We have had nothing but great success with HAL clients and we’d love to earn your business and help you succeed!

Application Reviews prior to WAI

To pilots attending the WAI Conference in Nashville, call us if you need your applications reviewed professionally. Many companies will pull and screen your application after a job fair. It is imperative that your applications are formatted properly and error free prior to screenings. Our application reviews are extremely detailed. We take pride in our client’s applications being a premium …

Hawaiian New Hires

Congratulations to our recent Hawaiian new hires. We are 6 for 6 so far and want to say good luck in training next year. 

Southwest Hiring

We’ve been overwhelmed at the success of our Southwest clients. It’s been such a pleasure working with you all and we are committed to putting more pilots in Southwest flight decks than any other service in the business. Your personal attention, as always, is guaranteed.

Atlas Hiring

Atlas continues their hiring spree into the 767 and 747 in full force. We’ve worked with many Atlas clients with great success. If you have an upcoming interview, contact our team to find out how we can help you get into the Whale. 

New UAL Format

UAL has changed their hiring process. The sim evaluation is gone and they have added a small CRM activity. We have the latest information on the new CRM activity. Give us a call if you have an upcoming United interview.

Southwest Interviews

We’ve been truly honored by the number of pilots we’ve worked with this year who have been hired at Southwest. You have been a great bunch and we value each success story that comes in. It seems we get one almost daily, and we are truly humbled to be a tiny part of your success!

Frontier Interview

Frontier is in aggressive hiring mode with new airplanes on order. If you have an upcoming Frontier interview, contact our team to find out how we can help.

Congratulations New Hires!

You’ve earned your success. Congrats to our clients successful at Air Wisconsin, Alaska, Atlas, Compass, Delta, Horizon, PSA, SkyWest, Southwest, Spirit, United and two corporate departments!

Atlas Hiring

Atlas is actively hiring into the 747 and 767. If you have an upcoming Atlas interview, call us to find out how we can help.