SWA Hiring Window

For SWA, ensure that you submit/update your application each time a new hiring window opens.

SWA mins lowered

Southwest has changed their hiring mins to 1000 Turbine PIC preferred, instead of a hard requirement. SWA is one of our biggest customer bases. If you have an upcoming interview, call our team and find out if we can help assist in your preparation!

Southwest 2017 Hiring

SWA is maxing out their hiring and training department this year. 820+ new hires is the word. Hope some of our clients patiently waiting receive the invite soon!   SWA was our biggest customer base in 2016. Trailing only Delta clients this year by a small margin after 2 months.  

Delta “fix it” email

We get questions regularly regarding “fix it” emails sent out from Delta and the timeline to a possible interview after you have “fixed it.” Truth is, there really is no a timeline. Sometimes a pilot will fix the error, email Delta back, and receive an interview a few days after. Sometime a pilot will fix the error, email Delta back, …

United Hogan to Interview

United is currently running about 1.5 – 2 months from passing the Hogan to interview. If you have an upcoming United interview, or need information on the Hogan, contact our team!

CommutAir and ExpressJet CPP/CCP Programs

The CommutAir and ExpressJet CPP/CCP programs are fully underway. We have enjoyed working with many of you so far. If you have questions, or need preparation regarding the programs, please call or email our team.  

Delta Interview Invites

Candidates receiving Delta interviews can expect a two month delay from invite to interview. Mostly July dates are available for those receiving the invite last week. Please call our team if you need help preparing for your upcoming Delta interview.

ExpressJet CCP

The ExpressJet CCP is fast approaching and we’ve been working with many of you already getting you prepared. If you are an XJT pilot, call the Centerline team and find out how we can help!

SWA and HAL interview invites…

…are out for April! We have a great rapport with the HAL and SWA teams and we’d love to help you become successful as well. Call or email us anytime and good luck to those interviewing.