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When updating your Airline Apps, please ensure that you take the time and go through each section of the application. There have been a few changes within the Airline Apps system, with some new instructions that need to be thoroughly followed.

There is still time to get your application reviewed before the Delta job fair on the 21st.

With regards to the ASA announcement, we wish our ASA pilots and crews the very best. Never hesitate to reach out to our team so we can talk about the next steps. We are here to help if you need some direction.

For SWA, ensure that you submit/update your application each time a new hiring window opens.


Keep your applications updated regularly. We are starting to see a bad trend with pilots having expired medicals, bad edits, omissions, flight times not updated, etc

Southwest has changed their hiring mins to 1000 Turbine PIC preferred, instead of a hard requirement. SWA is one of our biggest customer bases. If you have an upcoming interview, call our team and find out if we can help assist in your preparation!

Please ensure your applications are professionally reviewed before and after attending a job fair. 

SWA is maxing out their hiring and training department this year. 820+ new hires is the word. Hope some of our clients patiently waiting receive the invite soon!
SWA was our biggest customer base in 2016. Trailing only Delta clients this year by a small margin after 2 months.

We get questions regularly regarding “fix it” emails sent out from Delta and the timeline to a possible interview after you have “fixed it.” Truth is, there really is no a timeline. Sometimes a pilot will fix the error, email Delta back, and receive an interview a few days after. Sometime a pilot will fix the error, email Delta back, and it has been crickets for years.

Many times there are numerous errors in a pilot’s application and they will receive only ONE “fix it” email. The pilot will then fix the error and email Delta back, not knowing there are other errors in their application. This fault can be something that continues to hinder the pilot applicant as they are unaware of the lingering issues.

Each pilot’s application is a reflection of that individual. Application reviews are not only conducted to avoid “fix it” emails to begin with, but also to bring out the personality in each applicant. We will thoroughly review your applications until they are 100% complete.

There is much more information to be shared about applications, screenings, etc. At any time you have questions, please reach out to our team. We might save you a “fix it” email in the future!

Please ensure your applications are reviewed and accurate post NGPA.