This option is for the pilot applicant in the process of trying to secure an interview invite and Conditional Job Offer

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If you are fighting for the opportunity in being selected for an airline interview…this is the option for you! Consider this choice as an all-encomposing membership that will take you from A to Z in your interview preparation journey. 

Not sure where to begin? Leave that part up to us! Our team understands there are many steps in obtaining an interview and we are here to educate you through the process. After securing your interview invitation, we will shift the focus to the actual speaking practice and mock interview preparation for your specific airline.

What is the difference between the Interview Preparation Package and the Membership?

– By selecting the Valet Service Membership, you will be working with our team for a longer period of time.

– A dedicated coach to address your questions and concerns for both securing an interview, and also preparing for one. 

– Unlimited Gouges and Trip Reports for Each Airline

– Job Fair and Meet & Greet Discussion

– Full Resume Editing, Formatting, and Restructuring

– Cover Letter Samples and Formatting

– Full Application Reviews and Ongoing Critique

– FaceTime/Skype Interview Preparation After Securing an Interview 

– Personal Background Issues and Guidance

Consider this membership option an investment in your career. We will be with you every step of the way until you are sitting in new hire class at your desired airline. 

Please call or email us anytime. We want to hear from you!