Resume & Cover Letter Critique


Prepare and format your resume/cover letter 

Highlighting your qualifications with the use of active, key trigger words

Summarization of your flight times and education / achievements

Bring your leadership positions to the forefront

Grab hiring managers attention by complimenting YOU


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The resume is a summary of your career on a single page and its purpose is to get you an interview, period. The cover letter reinstates your qualifications and gives the hiring managers a personal introduction as to why you are the pilot they want in their flight decks. Airlines have thousands of resumes and cover letters to sort through and when they get to yours it has to be perfect, no exceptions.

Whether you need a touch up with your resume and cover letter or need us to build you one from scratch, our consultants know exactly how to format them to catch the hiring department’s attention.

Email us a copy of yours for free and we will determine individually what you need.

Hiring is in full force at the airlines. Pilot candidates can be over looked if their paperwork is poor. Do not let that happen to YOU. Stop procrastinating and get motivated to catch the front of the hiring wave! 


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I need modifications to my existing resume or cover letter., I need a new resume or cover letter.