I want to personally thank you, the pilot candidate, for browsing our website. If you are looking to take the next step in advancing your airline career, you have come to the right place. Centerline’s mission is simple; To provide you with the tools you need to land your dream employer.

What separates us from other services is personalized, one-on-one pilot guidance. We will help you along the way from application reviews to interview preparation, and everything in between. I have hand selected my team to deliver the best individual pilot interview preparation experience in the industry. From your first point of contact with us, my hope is that you will notice a difference immediately.

Centerline’s uniqueness is tied directly to each of our counselors, whom I would not trade for anyone else in the airline business. We are passionate about what we do and equally as passionate about your success. We hope to earn your business.

Keith Steele - Owner


The Professional Asian Pilots Association (PAPA) has invited Centerline to host a free Application, Resume, and Interview Prep/Job Fair webinar on May 23rd at 5pm CST for the 2024 PAPA Conference in Las Vegas. All PAPA Conference (June 4th/5th) attendees are encouraged to join. A link to the webinar is provided below. Job fairs are in full swing. Ensure your applications and resumes are 100%. | NOTE: Due to the unfortunate announcements of furloughs at Spirit and iAero, all Spirit and iAero pilots will receive a 15% discount on our services effective immediately. | MAY 23 PAPA Webinar Zoom Link:


Congratulations! You have just received your invitation to interview and now it is time to perform. Our goal is immediate focus on your interview practice and preparation. We will cover all aspects of your specific airline interview from start to finish. After working with our team, you will feel confident, comfortable, and thoroughly prepared.

During our one-on-one preparation, we will break down the interview panel objectives. We will teach you what hiring panels look for, what boxes they have to check, why they are asking certain questions, and what it takes to get you a Conditional Job Offer. You have worked so hard to get to this point in your career and now is your chance to practice during our sessions.


Do you understand the value of having your applications professionally reviewed? How sure are you that your applications are correct when they are screened? At Centerline, we believe poorly written applications are the #1 reason why pilots cannot obtain an interview invite. Maintaining a perfect application is one of THE most important factors for successful career progression and many pilots are unaware how to navigate through them properly.

Having inaccuracies, misinterpretations, or improper edits can hinder your chances at receiving an invite. Many pilots "think" they have good applications on file, yet cannot seem to generate any traction from their targeted airlines. Our team has reviewed thousands of applications over the years. We will review yours line-by-line with extreme attention to detail.