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I want to personally thank you, the pilot candidate, for browsing our website. I have hand selected our team throughout the years and our counselors foundations are built upon a personal touch with each individual client.

Our counselors all have an interview team and hiring background. We will teach you everything we know from A to Z. From your first point of contact with us, my hope is that you will notice a difference immediately. We love what we do and paying it forward to our clients is why we do it.

Centerline’s uniqueness is tied directly to each one of our counselors, whom I would not trade for anyone else in the business. Our doors are open and we invite you in to prepare for your upcoming interview with the same heart, passion, and dedication that our team desires for your outcome. We hope to earn your business.

Keith Steele

First and foremost, we are not your average interview preparation team. The word “prep” is often misunderstood. We are not here to structure your presentation, tell you what to say during your interview, or put our own words into your mouth. Our objective is simple: To find the very best that is already within you and bring it to the surface.

We will motivate you, we will enhance your confidence, and we will turn you into a better public speaker, all while keeping your presentation completely genuine. We have a very skilled team, all of which have prior pilot hiring and interview team experience.

Business Code of Ethics: We never disclose your personal or professional information to anyone. Your consultation with us is completely private and confidential. We value your trust and adhering to these ethics are never compromised.

Are you prepared? Do not leave your career to chance by “assuming” you are ready to interview. Centerline is unique because we take a more personal approach to interview preparation. We take pride in highlighting your strengths, identifying your weaknesses and tailoring creative delivery to your individual experiences.

All of your interview preparation is conducted one-on-one. You will not be sitting in a seminar or group setting. Our counselors will walk you through your interview day from start to finish. We stay current with every airline’s interview process including: phone/video screenings, application reviews, resume structure, HR panels, SAR, PAR, CRM/LOI scenarios and much more.

Again, we take a more personal approach with our clients and will be with you every step of the way, starting with our first conversation.

We know you have questions and we would love to speak with you. Maybe you have a simple question about our services or you are just ready to get started right away. Please call or email us anytime.

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We look forward to hearing from you. Fly Safe!




















Your application review and preparation was essential. I cannot wait to start at Delta in a few weeks. I will recommend everyone to your staff. Again, I cannot thank you enough.

B.E., Delta Air Lines Rookie

I GOT THE JOB!!! Everything went as planned like we discussed. Anyway, I just wanted to formally thank you for your guidance. It was absolutely integral in establishing my personal comfort and confidence and I’ll always regard our sessions as imperative in ultimately getting the job.

Chris P., SWA New Hire

Camielle was great! She gave me that boost of confidence I needed badly, very accommodating, and an expert in this stuff! I will make sure to put in a good word to other pilots about your team. This type of personal attention leading up to interview day is invaluable.  

Christyna A., United Airlines 737 First Officer

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help and guidance on the Southwest Airlines interview!  CJO received! There was nothing that caught me off guard, since I think we hit just about every topic. Talk about a whirlwind month.  Thanks again for all the help, and I will continue to recommend Centerline to everyone.

Gene L., USAF KC-135, Southwest 737 First Officer

Wow! I thought for years I had good applications out there. I received a ‘fix it’ email from Delta. Two weeks later I received an interview invite after Centerline went through and cleaned everything up.

Matt W., Delta Air Lines New Hire

Wanted to write this note thanking Centerline. Received two legacy interviews within a fairly short time. CJO’s at both. Worked with two separate counselors, both were fantastic and former hiring members. What I really liked is they were both great people. Hope to pay it forward someday.

Chris C., American Airlines New Hire

Seems like the entire SkyWest pilot group here is working with you guys. Glad I reached out to get my applications looked at. I had no idea how bad they were. Thank you for bringing my strengths to the forefront. I will be in touch for interview preparation when applicable.

Brent W., Captain / ANG C-130 Pilot

What a huge help!  What I really appreciate about Centerline’s approach is the chance to spend the time during the first session getting a grasp on what is to be expected and then getting amazing feedback.  Second session is a real confidence boost after the first one and sent me into the interview feeling as relaxed as possible. 

Christine Y., Southwest Airlines 737 First Officer

CJO received! Needless to say, I am very excited!  Thank you for everything!  I have recommended you to all of my coworkers, you provided excellent support.  I can’t thank you enough and it has truly been a pleasure working with your team.   

David W., United Airlines New Hire

Application review by Keith was incredibly thorough and detailed. Very eye opening to say the least. After talking with other pilots who recommended Centerline, I’m glad I followed through with the review. Very happy customer here.

Jason, Regional ERJ Captain

I was having difficulty navigating through WWYD type questions for my interview. I gave Centerline a call through a friend’s recommendation, asked two questions, and was instantly hooked. Next thing I knew I was getting run through the gauntlet during FaceTime sessions, in a good way! Ask me any WWYD questions now! Invaluable information.

Grant, Delta 2016 Hire

I was overwhelmed with the support and knowledge of your company. After doing a seminar with another company, it is a night and day difference in the product Centerline delivers. A special thank you to Camielle and her dedication to my success.

Brandon N., Delta Air Lines A-320 First Officer

Can I come work for Centerline Prep!? Seriously, you guys rock! Great service, great support, and great people! I have never been a public speaker but I felt so confident and cozy during my interview. My picture will be on your website one day!

Kristina R., Regional Captain, jetBlue new hire FO

Delta new hire here and wanted to say thanks to Centerline. They were with me from applications to interview. It is amazing what you learn from counselors who have had prior interview team experience and it is different when you think about things from the other side of the table. Will recommend them to everyone.

Craig A., Delta Air Lines 717 NYC

Got the CJO! Very excited to join the Southwest family. Thanks for all the help. Everything was spot on and looking forward to the next step in my career!

Brandon G., Southwest Airlines New Hire

Thank you for the mentorship with my application/resume (Chad) and interview prep (Keith). I got the call that my interview last week was a success with United Airlines! I felt very confident in my preparation and I appreciate both of your help in getting me to that point. I’ll be sending more pilots your way. Thanks again!  

Karl A., United Airlines A-320 First Officer

Had my application reviewed by Centerline on a Tuesday. Received the interview invite the following Monday. Did their prep and received the CJO. What a difference. Learned a ton. I had no idea what I was doing relative to their knowledge. I am ever grateful to their counselors I worked with. Very personal group.

Thomas C., Delta Air Lines New Hire

How do I put this bold enough? My Applications sucked! After 3 years of tweaking my apps, I had Centerline review them for me and was shocked at how lousy they were written. The before/after product was night and day and I was also given a free follow-up. 1.5 months later I had an interview

Andrew P., United Airlines First Officer

I am grateful to have this new position with Atlas. To the Centerline group, I cannot thank you enough. You put me at ease and there was not a single question in the interview that we did not prepare for. The jumpseat is always open to your team on the whale!

John, Atlas 747 First Officer

Dead on and they didn’t miss a beat. No Surprises and felt very confident on the day of my interview. Learned how to present myself in a humble, passionate voice. Also spot on with TMAT questioning.  

Tim C., USAF C-130, Delta Air Lines 737 FO

Simply a fantastic operation. Centerline was such a pleasure to work with and the amount of dedication they had for my well being was second to none. I did two lengthy Skype sessions with two of their consultants and attribute my success largely to them. You HAVE to do the prep.

Steve, UAL First Officer - Former F-18

After 6 days of notification for an interview, I was overwhelmed with where to start. I had only had one prior airline interview 10 years ago. Centerline squeezed me in last minute and I’m convinced I wouldn’t have been hired without them. They taught me how to sell myself and find my voice. Do the prep!

Kerry, Frontier First Officer

I’ve used various interview prep companies in the past. Centerline’s group stood out. They walked me through the LOI, logbook review and HR interview. The interview was identical to what their preparation advertised. I will recommend them to anyone I know who has an upcoming interview.

John, Southwest First Officer

Your team spent hours on end with me and I have the utmost gratitude. The personal attention you gave me was second to none. There’s a reason my colleagues recommended you guys and I learned so much about interviewing during your entire process. As a successful Delta new hire, cheers to your team!

Rick, USAF A-10 Pilot

I want to thank Centerline for their outstanding professionalism and knowledge. Their prep service is first class and I was impressed right from the first conversation I had with them. I’ll be happy to recommend them to fellow pilots.

Chris, United Airlines First Officer

This past week I had the pleasure of using Centerline Prep. They were courteous and helpful with my questions and they walked me through my entire interview experience. I was having trouble delivering certain stories and after my sit down with them I felt completely confident going into my interview.

Matt, SkyWest Airlines Captain

The major advantage with Centerline is the one on one time with their team, as they have current knowledge of airline hiring processes. Because of this advantage, I had very detailed information for my specific interview. I will recommend Centerline to anyone in the future.

Kade, United Airlines First Officer

As a military pilot with no 121 experience, their prep was absolutely essential in my transition to the airlines. They were meticulous and sharp with my paperwork, focused with my stories, and creative with my delivery. Great experience. Thanks guys!

Jason, US Navy T-6 Instructor

Thorough and sharp. That is what sets Centerline apart. I felt confident for my interview after meeting with Chad and Jeff and I think that’s half the battle going into the most competitive interview of your life. Also, I really liked the video tape critique at the end of the session as it helped tremendously.

Mark, US Airways First Officer

Centerline prep help bridge the gap between my flight experience and a positive interview outcome. They were unique because they get to know you on a personal level early in their process, which translates into bringing your positive traits to the forefront of your interview experience.

Dallas, SkyWest Airlines First Officer

I recently had the pleasure of using Centerline for interview prep. They helped me every step of the way from designing a professional looking resume to tailoring my stories for the interview. HR/TMAAT/WWYD questions, logbooks, resumes, panel formats, etc. You name it, they had it covered.

Christopher, US Airways First Officer

The folks at Centerline have really streamlined the interview preparation process into the most efficient use of an applicants’ time. After completing their prep, I felt 100 percent confident going into my interview. I was thoroughly impressed with them.

Ryan, Virgin America First Officer